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Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

The theme of 2014 ESOCITE/4S joint conference is “Science in context(s): Souths and Norths”, which refers to the opportunity for STS scholars to meet colleagues (and research traditions) from other parts of the world, giving rise to new dialogues and exchanges.

Individual abstracts and proposals for sessions should emphasize how they will make original and timely contributions to any theme relevant to science and technology studies (STS). The Joint Meeting welcomes papers, session proposals, and events that are innovative in their delivery, organization, range of topics, and type of public, and which bring new resources to the STS community to explore these new relations and themes.

Apart from traditional research papers, the Joint Meeting conference also welcomes proposals for sessions and papers using ‘new media’ or other forms of new presentation. This year, we plan to hold special sessions in which presentations are in the form of a movie or video. Movie and video submissions should be related to STS. At this stage, a brief description of the movie and length will suffice.



5th International Multi-Conference on Complexity, Informatics and Cybernetics 2014

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

IMCIC 2014 is an international forum for scientists and engineers, researchers and consultants, theoreticians and practitioners in the fields of Complexity, Informatics, and Cybernetics. Its Organizing Committee will consider disciplinary research articles for their possible acceptance as well as multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary research, studies, reflections, programs, and projects.

Besides the regular formal sessions, where papers will be presented, IMCIC 2014 Organizing Committee is planning to include in the conference program informal conversational sessions, where conceptual and theoretical commonalities and differences among Complex Science, Cybernetics and Informatics will be discussed.

For more Information you can visit the homepage or get in touch via mail.

Indian Ocean Futures 2014

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

The Indian Ocean Futures Conference is an international conference presented by the Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute Indian Ocean Futures Initiative. It brings together academics, government, industry and communities to identify these changes and discuss the challenges for the future of the region and its peoples.



The Indian Ocean basin is rapidly becoming a powerhouse of economic, social, cultural and political development. The countries and populations around the Indian Ocean rim are already experiencing profound change. Join us in March, 2014 on the shores of the Indian Ocean in the historic port city of Fremantle for an opportunity to present, discuss and further new approaches to the region, its potentials, challenges and peoples.

The conference is particularly interested in papers that address present and future interrelationships, connections and compatibilities between three major themes and the sub-topics in each: CULTURE (communities, identities, texts, communication, the arts, tourism) SUSTAINABILITY (environment, climate, ecology, health, resources, spaces) and SECURITY (food, energy, borders, human rights, populations, education, climate, environmental).

The conference will include a creatie program of performances, exhibitions and displays as well as social events and tours.

Association of Professional Futurists Annual Gathering

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

The APF’s Annual Gathering will explore how the Maker Movement, Social Entrepreneurs, and the networked-enabled sharing economy are converging to create emergent change.



The gathering will exploit San Francisco’s rich resources in these areas with speakers and learning journeys. Participants will then gather using complexity and narrative foresight tools to discuss what these changes may mean for society and the foresight profession.


WorldFuture 2014: What If

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014


It might be the second-oldest question (after “why”) in the history of sentient beings. “What if” extends our minds beyond what is to contemplate what may be. It is the key we rattle in the locked doors of what we thought were unknowable futures. And it is the rejection of predetermined destinies. From “What if it rains” (and “What if it doesn’t”) to “What if the river floods my crops” to “What if we could control the rain and the river,” our constant questioning is part of our drive to explore, understand, and shape our world and our future.

The World Future Society invites you to join us for WorldFuture 2014: What If in Orlando, Florida, along with a thousand other men and women who are engaged in this fundamental drive to question our futures. We predict their answers will inspire new ideas—and even provoke new questions. And Orlando is the perfect setting to explore the imaginative nature of foresight, for futurists of all ages. A range of local activities and events will open up the playful side of innovation and creativity that will
delight attendees.

What: Preconference master courses and education summit will be held, and the Professional Members Forum will follow the conference.

Who: Strategic planners, visionary thinkers, consultants, educators, learners, and leaders from around the world.

You can visit the homepage for further information or registration.

The world is changing.   Are you ready?   We are.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

This Strategic Foresight program is offered as a 5-day, project-based, face-to-face workshop at the University of Huston in partnership with The Destree Institute. The university has a 35 years experiance of educating foresight professionnals and offers you the Houston University Certificate in Strategic Foresight at the end of the process.

Participants learn to anticipate disruptive change and work towards the creation of transformational change, in order to influence the future of their organizations, companies and communities. Participants will receive 4 CEUs for attending, and can obtain the certificate if they complete a project within a given number of weeks after the program delivery.  

Providing professionals with tools to help navigate today’s constantly changing business environment and create a positive future for their communities, regions, enterprises and themselves.

For questions about the content please contact Dr. Peter Bishop and for questions about registration form or logistics Jonathan Collin.



The Future of Urban Mobility

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Efficient transportation and mobility are essential to make a city competitive and appealing. Current business models offer alternative and new mobility solutions, such as car or bicycle sharing and new leasing mobility offerings, electric vehicles, autonomous driving, talking cars, micro mobility or integrated mobility.

What future impact have key global mega trends on Urban Mobility?
What are the major challenges in balancing economic needs and environmental policies?
What role can innovation play or what innovation is needed?



Wim Korver will speak about the end of the car mobility as we know it in the 21 century. Car use growth is coming to a hold and in several western countries it is even decreasing, especially among younger age groups. With new urban mobility concepts the question arises: Are we experiencing the end of car mobility?

Robert Dingemanse will discuss how flying cars will affect future mobility. This dream exists since the car was developed. What has changed and how will its arrival within the next years and the start of a new industry change mobility?

Nick Cohn will speak about TomTom on Urban Mobility. The adoption of navigation by millions of travelers worldwide was the first step. The second step is the development and use of real-time information about travel conditions. A vehicle- or traveler-based information system can help cities make better use of infrastructure while providing trip advice.

Rohit Talwar examines Global Forces Shaping Urban Mobility. What are the critical scientific, technological, economic and environmental developments and challenges that could have a direct impact on business models, physical infrastructures and social mechanisms in the next forty years?
For further information and registration visit the website of the Club of Amsterdam.

Space Consumer Man – Soil as an Unrecognized Resource

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

The most underestimated resource of our planet is literally trampled underfoot: the soil. Because it is fixed in its position and cannot be increased in quantity, it is the most precious property that we have. In this issue of the “Future Lectures” by Dennis Meadows the dilemma of the soil as a resource is examined in detail at the University of Agricultural Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna.

A healthy soil is the basis for food production, groundwater storage and purification and it is the physical support for human civilizations. Approximately 22 hectares of land are paved over every day in Austria, which is roughly the size of an average Austrian farm. These areas are no longer available for following generations to fulfil the natural soil functions, since the process of sealing is virtually irreversible.

Contribute to dgfev online casino the conversation with: Prof. Markus Fiebig (BOKU, Institute of Applied Geology), Dr. Kurt Weinberger (Director General of the Austrian Hail Insurance) and students from the University of Agricultural Sciences; Introduction Dr. Peter Iwaniewicz (Ministry of Agriculture)

For further information, upcoming future lectures and registration visit the website of the forum Environmental Education for Sustainable Development.

Introduction à la veille et à la démarche prospective

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Next year starts with a highly interesting conference on monitoring and forecasting processes by the well-known expert on prospective and président-délégué général de Futuribles International Hugues de Jouvenel.

The objectives of this event will be to demonstrate the value of monitoring and foresight approaches as an early instrument for decision-making and action, to specify the concepts used, the philosophies that underlie them and their strengths and limitations on the operational level.
Foresight as an instrument of anticipation has a double dimension through exploration and construction of the future.
This event aims at providing you with a detailed and concrete description of how to organize the process of monitoring and forward thinking activities through theory and practice with application examples to discuss reporting methods and monitoring tools. It allows you to take ownership in one day, gives you an idea of the basic concepts and methods as well as an exploratory prospective illustrated through the presentation and discussion of theories and case studies.

For further information and registration visit the website of futuribles.

Welcome to A New World Re-Imagined Foresight & Trends in LA

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

The idea of the Foresight & Trend ’13 conference is to build a learning approach on current knowledge contextualized through pragmatic examples. In an exploratory experience visionary knowledge is synthesized, translated into a strategic plan for capturing future opportunities and made commercially relevant during implementation workshops. Active participation ensures adaptation and actionability making it the antidote to conventional conferences.

Trends Expert & Visionary Steven Van Der Kruit names five macro forces shaping the future: Humanity, Connectivity, Empowerment, Experience & Health.

These trends will help expand the mind to create visions, which will be contextualized in the conference. Illustrating the relevance through real world application examples will translate visionary knowledge into commercial opportunities for implementation and set the exploratory learning outside the conference walls.
It’s all about the HOW not the what.

For further information and registration visit the homepage.