• 06.05.2011 Author : Karlheinz Steinmueller

      The objective of this Platform Foresight project is the analysis of emerging science and technology priorities in public research policies of the European countries, the US and Japan. The aim is to provide the European Commission and the member states with policy recommendations as to become leaders in these emerging technologies. EFMN Brief No. 42

    • Author : John Ratcliffe

      In contemporary society, it is well recognised that public policy, corporate strategy and individual choice, and the way in which they are conducted, is becoming increasingly complex. Consequently, in the context of this rapid change and heightened uncertainty, a better and more versatile understanding of the future and the powerful forces influencing its evolution, is

    • Author : Marc Van Lieshout

      The purpose of the project was to analyse the scientific strengths of the EU compared to the USA and Japan in the field of ‘converging technologies’ with the aim of informing and influencing the European research agenda. EFMN Brief No. 40 – Converging Technologies

    • Author : Ozcan Saritas

      ‘Vision 2023: Strategies for Science and Technology’ is a national project aimed at providing Turkish stakeholders with a vision for the development of science and technology vision in Turkey over a period of 20 years. It involved comprises four strands: Technology Foresight, Technological Capacity, R+D Manpower and R+D Infrastructure. The Technology Foresight strand provided the

    • Author : Maria Lepeta

      This pilot Foresight project in the area of Health and Living was aimed at speeding up the process of predicting development paths that would lead to improvement in the health and quality of life of Polish citizens. This activity provides a basis for determining the paths of science and technology policies that support economic priorities

    • Author : Sami Mahroum

      The goal of this initiative is to alert the government to new scientific knowledge and technology and understand the opportunities and risks that they present for New Zealand. The ambition is to find things that are new or unusual that may act as signposts to important changes on the horizon. Another aim is to think

    • Author : bwonpark

      The Third Korean Foresight Exercise entitled ‘Future Perspectives and Technology Foresight for Korea – Identifying Challenges and Opportunities for Korea’s Economy and Society’ represents the most comprehensive effort to date by the Korean government in the field of S&T foresight. Capitalizing on previous studies conducted in 1994 and 1999 its chief purpose is to chart

    • Author : Kerstin Cuhls

      Every five years Japan conducts a large national foresight exercise to gain new information and update insights gained from previous foresight activities. One of the most important elements of these foresight exercises is a comprehensive Delphi survey involving more than 2,200 independent experts from different disciplines. The results of this whole process serve as inputs

    • Author : Kornelia Konrad

      This project was established to explore the consequences of structural change in German utility sectors and to raise awareness of the need for coordinated action by stakeholders as well as for the development of strategies for sustainable development. A three step procedure was applied comprising socio-technical scenarios, sustainability assessment and strategies for critical innovation processes.

    • Author : Claus Seibt

      Austria intends to launch a national research programme on safety and security that is complimentary to PASR – an EU funded Preparatory Action on Security Research as well as the upcoming Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union. To prepare the ground for this new national research funding initiative, a foresight process was started to