• 20.05.2011 Author : Effie Amanatidou

      In Romania, the variety of actors involved in foresight activities has determined a mixture of objectives and rationales. The implementation of a foresight pilot exercise in Romania was itself an objective in order to have ‘process’ benefits such as building foresight capacities, networking, developing a culture of democratic, social dialogue, etc. In addition, although substantiating

    • Author : Lisa A. Pace

      With Europe’s move towards adopting a common integrated maritime policy, a strong need was felt in 2002 for Malta to explore ways of re-assessing its maritime sector in terms of enhancing the competitiveness of its maritime industry and exploiting the marine RTD base in niche areas that could offer strategic opportunities for growth. The Marine

    • 10.05.2011 Author : Patrick Crehan

      Ireland has set ambitious goals for the development of its rural regions. This foresight exercise asks if the goals of state policy for rural Ireland will be achieved on the basis of current trends, what can realistically be achieved and what needs to be done to ensure a desirable outcome. The conclusions of this foresight

    • Author : Werner Reutter

      The EUFORIA foresight project on Germany is part of the European four-year work programme: Analysing and Anticipating Change to Support Socio-Economic Progress 2001-2004. In the framework of this programme the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions launched a project on the impacts of the European Knowledge Society on living conditions, working

    • Author : Werner Reutter

      Based on in-depth research on selected domains the Institute for the Future predicts major changes in household behaviour. These changes will, for example, materialize in new ways how we will adequately manage: information work, social networking, mobile life, and identity creation. The change of these and other daily routines and practices of a household will

    • Author : Effie Amanatidou

      In the context of its four-year work programme, Analysing and Anticipating Change to Support Socio-Economic Progress 2001-2004, the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions launched EUFORIA – a project on ‘European Knowledge Society Foresights (KS foresights) for living conditions, working conditions and industrial relations’. The purpose was to understand the ‘drivers’

    • Author : Riccardo Vecchiato

      Funded by Regione Lombardia and implemented in collaboration with Technocora, this initiative takes up where the EU funded Fo-MoFo projet left off in 2002. The title ‘FoMoFo’ is a reference to the Four Motors of Europe, a group of highly developed regions that drive European industrial production. Along with Baden-Württemberg in Germany, Catalunya in Spain

    • Author : Maya Van Leemput

      Insight into the variety of everyday as well as specialist conceptualizations of the future is a necessary condition for mature and successful foresight practice. Agence Future or AF is a long-term project for basic exploratory research into the make-up and structure of concepts of the ‘future’, the use of images of the future and the

    • Author : Heidi Armbruster

      The purpose of this exercise was to identify the main technologies that would influence the development of nuclear energy in Spain up until 2030. The picked up information is supposed to help to change the public opinion in Spain from a sceptic view towards a broader acceptance of the application of nuclear energy. EFMN Brief

    • Author : Heidi Armbruster

      Europe has set itself the goal of becoming the most competitive economy in the world by the year 2010. Manufacturing is one of its strongest economic sectors. It provides a total of 27 million jobs and creates more than €1,300B in added value each year. In order to develop strategies for maintaining and improving the