EFP Brief No. 90: Global Technology Revolution 2020

The intention of this forward looking study was to inform the U.S. National Intelligence Council’s 2020 project – www.dni.gov/nic/NIC_2020_project.html – and help provide U.S. policymakers with a view of how world developments could evolve, identifying opportunities and potentially negative developments that might warrant policy action.

EFMN Brief No. 90 – Global Technology Revolution 2020

Tags: defense, developing countries, education, electricity, housing, hygiene, manufacturing, quantum cryptography, safety, sanitation, sensors, waste, water

Categories: brief, Energy, Environment (including climate change), Food, agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology, Geography, Global, Health, Nanosciences, nanotechnology, materials, new production technologies, Security, Socio-economic sciences and the humanities, Themes, Time Horizon, until 2020

Author : Richard Silberglitt