EFP Brief No. 60: Rural Ireland 2025

Ireland has set ambitious goals for the development of its rural regions. This foresight exercise asks if the goals of state policy for rural Ireland will be achieved on the basis of current trends, what can realistically be achieved and what needs to be done to ensure a desirable outcome. The conclusions of this foresight exercise are framed in terms of 3 main actions to be undertaken immediately if the state is to realise its ambitions.

EFMN Brief No. 60 – Rural Ireland 2025

Tags: banking, demography, education, knowledge economy, manufacturing, marine, migration, regional development, services, software, tourism, universities, utilities

Categories: brief, Energy, Environment (including climate change), Food, agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology, Geography, Ireland, Nanosciences, nanotechnology, materials, new production technologies, National, Socio-economic sciences and the humanities, Themes, Time Horizon, Transport (including aeronautics), until 2025

Author : Patrick Crehan