EFP Brief No. 58: The Household Horizon 2012

Based on in-depth research on selected domains the Institute for the Future predicts major changes in household behaviour. These changes will, for example, materialize in new ways how we will adequately manage: information work, social networking, mobile life, and identity creation. The change of these and other daily routines and practices of a household will trigger innovations in products and services thus creating new markets and opportunities for companies. The report The Household Horizon: A Guide to Technology and Daily Life in 2012 presents major findings of the study and introduces a framework for analyzing technological shifts and their impact on household behaviour.

EFMN Brief No. 58 – The Household Horizon 2012

Tags: entertainment, manufacturing, media, mobility, sensor technologies, sensors, services

Categories: brief, Environment (including climate change), Geography, Health, National, Socio-economic sciences and the humanities, Themes, Time Horizon, Transport (including aeronautics), until 2010, US

Author : Werner Reutter