EFP Brief No. 50: Knowledge Society Foresight

Knowledge Society Foresight Euforia was a developmental project aimed at identifying and understanding issues and developments of ‘knowledge society’ (KS) at the level of EU15 as a whole, and it also exercised the emergence of a KS in three countries representing different paths: Finland, Germany and Greece. Outputs should be applied to assess implications of a KS for areas of living conditions, working conditions and industrial relations. New ways of organising, designing and managing foresight activities were to be explored.

EFMN Brief No. 50 – Knowledge Society Foresight

Tags: demographic change, IST, knowledge economy, knowledge society, mobility, recycling, services

Categories: brief, Health, Information and communication technologies (ICT), Nanosciences, nanotechnology, materials, new production technologies, Socio-economic sciences and the humanities, Themes

Author : Arturs Puga