EFP Brief No. 2: Swedish Technology Foresight 2004

Teknisk Framsyn’s second foresight study aimed to identify the preconditions for sustained technological progress and economic growth for Sweden over a 15-20 year period to 2025. With its intention of inspiring the coming generation of decision-makers who will shape Sweden’s future, the project was directed at the private sector as well as government, public sector policies and organizations.

EFMN Brief No. 2 – Swedish Technology Foresight 2004

Tags: biology, borderless world, cities, climate, climate change, education, health care, human resources, IT, knowledge society, mechanical systems, safety, services, terrorism

Categories: brief, Energy, Environment (including climate change), Food, agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology, Geography, Health, Information and communication technologies (ICT), Nanosciences, nanotechnology, materials, new production technologies, National, Security, Sweden, Themes, Time Horizon, until 2020, until 2025

Author : Sami Mahroum