EFP Brief No. 130: Migration: One of the Most Important Challenges for Europe

This brief presents major social, technological, economic, environmental and political trends and rationales for migration, followed by a number of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of migratory processes. In the last section, the brief concludes with a set of general policy options and some final remarks about the sources and data analysed.

EFMN Brief No. 130_Migration

Tags: cities, climate, consumption, developing countries, education, enlargement (EU), globalisation, jobs, knowledge society, media, migration, mobility, rural areas, SWOT, waste, water

Categories: brief, Energy, Environment (including climate change), EU, Food, agriculture and fisheries, biotechnology, Geography, Health, Information and communication technologies (ICT), Socio-economic sciences and the humanities, Themes, Time Horizon, Transport (including aeronautics)

Author : Rafael Popper